Use Google Now to Control Third-Party Apps with Your Voice

Use Google Now to Control Third-Party Apps with Your Voice
 Now, Google Now can do more that simple searches online. Google Now can control third-party apps with your voice.

Here are few good example where you can use Google Now with third-party apps:

To-Do List Apps

Yes, you can use your voice to give commands to To-Do List app. You can say “remind me to” or  “make a note to”, or “note to self”. Then you will have to choose from the list of apps to make notes.


Google Now works with the following to-do list apps:

  • Wunderlist
  • Trello
  • OneNote
  • Evernote
  • Catch
  • Google Keep

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Launch Music or Videos

You can quickly use Google Now to play anything. Just use the command: “Play [something you want] on [name of app]”.

wync music app

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Send Messages Using Different Apps

Google Now can be used to dial your phone, or send a text message. But you can also use third-party app to send messages with Google Now. Use the following voice command “Send a [name of app] message to [name of recipient]”.
google now

Here are a few apps this works with:

  • Google Hangouts
  • Whatsapp
  • Viber
  • Telegram

Post on Various Social Networks

With Google now it is clever and easy to have hands free and post something on your social networks. Post anything on Twitter or Facebook by saying, “Post on [name of social network]”.



Custom Voice Actions for Certain Apps

Some apps have some their commands integrated in Google Now, and here they are:

  • “Listen to NPR” launches the excellent NPR One app and immediately plays the hourly news update, followed by a few stories.
  • “Shazam this” launches the famous song recognition software.
  • “Show me [movie] on Flixter” launches the movie showtime app and shows you where a given movie is playing.
  • “Activate Home Network on Wink” lets you control your smart home from Google Now.
  • “Show attractions near me on Trip Advisor” will show you fun things to do near your current location.
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Control Phone Functions

This are some standard functions, you can Enable and Disable things to control your phone, and here what you can control:

  • Disable/Enable Bluetooth. Lets you Disable or Enable Bluetooth.
  • Disable/Enable WiFi. Enables WiFi and Disables.
  • Turn on/off flashlight. Well, if you are in the dark, you can ask your phone to turn on the flashlight.

Google Now Turn on Flashlight command

  • Take a picture launches the camera, then starts the countdown before taking a picture.

What would you like Google Now to be able to do? Did you discover something new what we don’t know about Google Now? Please share with us!


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